GS 412

GS 412

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Flat-front closed-back cabinet, 4 x DV Mark Neoclassic 12″ speakers, 600W, mono/stereo (8 ohms mono / 2 x 16 ohms stereo).

Music Man Amps and Cabinets reissue are made with the maximum respect to the original philosophy and design created by Tommy Walker in the mid-to late-1970s.

The GS 412 flat-front closed-back cabinet features the same rugged construction that makes the original one legendary for its reliability and roadability, boasting four DV Mark Neoclassic 12" speaker, a lightweight custom-designed speaker with great classic, deep punchy sound.
A perfect companion for the Music Man HD 130 Reverb head, it makes a very responsive rig when matched with any other head or stereo amp you may use. This cabinet offers mono and stereo functionality (8 ohms mono / 2 x 16 ohms stereo) and with its impressive 600 watts of power handling, it can handle powerful heads with high-headroom performance on bigger stages.